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EPIC 1 ( Exclusive for EDIC Part 1 Exam Aspirants)
  • 3 exams sets
  • Both A & K type questionnaires
  • Access to FAQs
  • Mock Exams at your convenience
  • Live Interactive Debriefing Sessions
  • Recordings of all the interactive sessions
  • Exam tips from KOLs (Last minute strategies, common mistakes to be avoided, things to be kept in mind while preparing for this exam)
EPIC 2 ( Exclusive for EDIC Part 2 Exam Aspirants)
  • Simulation of Practical Exams (9 CCS + 9 CBS) within given time frame
  • One-o-one mock exam with expert examiner
  • Quick subject review
  • Detailed explanation of the exam format
  • Mock Exams at your convenience
  • Interactive Debriefing Sessions by renowned faculties and course Directors about the most appropriate answers
  • One-o-one doubt clearing sessions with your examiner
  • Exam Tips and Tricks from KOLs (Last minute strategies, common mistakes to be avoided, things to be kept in mind, what materials to refer to while preparing for this exam)
For more details and course schedule, please contact:
Ms Sudeshna Roy | Call / WhatsApp: +91 98195 07760
Email: info@satsacademy.in

European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC)


The European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC) seeks to standardize education and training of quality intensive care across Europe and beyond. EDIC exams are meticulously developed and continuously updated to create standard exit exams which accurately reflect clearly-defined assessment goals and address the necessary skills, attitude, competencies and knowledge required for intensive care practice.


Who can appear: 

Candidates who are fully registered Medical Doctors (i.e. internship completed). They should be enrolled in, or have completed, a national training programme in a primary specialty. These may include Anesthesiology, General/Internal Medicine (and other medical specialties), General Surgery (and other surgical specialties), Accident & Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics or Intensive Care Medicine (if it is a primary speciality).



To obtain the EDIC Diploma, candidates must pass the two components (EDIC part I and EDIC part II) of the exam. The EDIC examinations are set out in two parts: Part I – the written exam and Part II – the oral/clinical case exam. 


EDIC Part I (Theory): The Part I exam is a multiple-choice questionnaire written examination with 100 questions. Candidates have 3 hours to answer all the questions.

• Entry criteria for EDIC I:

1) Fully-registered Medical Doctor (i.e. internship completed)

2) Entry into or completion of a national training programme in a primary specialty

3) Entry into a national training programme in Intensive Care Medicine or satisfactory completion of 18 months’ training in Intensive Care Medicine. (Criteria 2 and 3 are fulfilled if Intensive Care Medicine is recognized as a primary specialty).

EDIC Part II (Practical): The Part II exam is an Objectively Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) with 6 skill stations. These include 3 clinical scenario stations of 25 minutes each and 3 computer-based stations of 12 minutes each, which assess data interpretation, such as radiological images, ECGs, and biochemical scenarios.

• Entry criteria for EDIC II:

1) Successful completion of EDIC Part I

2) 24 months of training in Intensive Care Medicine.


EDIC 2... an exam which tests each and every aspect of intensive care, which needs a good training and good study of the subject. Training and studies are done by everyone... but the difference here is how you answer the questions... That's the the key required to succeed in this examination....my search for a platform to help me in this ended at SATS academy... the mentor... Dr. Arindam kar.. who is a great teacher and the team of faculties did an exemplary job in training my mind for the same... the mock test are just like the actual exam.. it gives you the feel of the exact atmosphere of the actual exam which helps you in preparing yourself. The debriefing sessions are extremely informative as it tells you how to answer to score good marks.. My sincere thanks to Dr. Arindam and team for guiding me and helping me out to pass this exam in 1st attempt. Excellent platform for exam going students to help them to pass EDIC 2.
Dr Amol Meshram​
I wrote my Edic 2 this time and luckily cleared in the first attempt itself. From what I understood EDIC 2 is not a difficult exam to crack . It assesses your analytical skills rather than descriptive skills (as in Indian exams). You need to sharpen and broaden your knowledge and be quick to interpret and communicate. SATS academy Mock tests and further discussions helped me to identify all important topics to be covered and gave ideas/ tips on how and what to answer in each stations
Dr Sindhu Sudarshan
SATS academy/ EPIC courses are good for EDIC part 1 and 2 preparation. Dr Arindam and all the other faculty have put on a lot of efforts on designing the mock exams of great relevance to actual EDIC exams. Thanks to sudheshna as well for co ordinating the faculties and the examinee and smooth conduction of mock exams. These courses helped me achieve EDIC successfully.
Dr Sandhya S
EDIC had been a far-fetched dream for a long time. The preparation for which started in mid 2020. Despite working in an exclusive Critical Care set up, preparing for an exam was tough. It was difficult getting accustomed to the exam and question pattern. It was tough to wrap my head around the MCQ , how to approach an A type and K type questions. That was where EPIC (SATS Academy) played a very crucial role. The mocks test your knowledge and at the same time provide you feedback on your preparations. It gives you an insight into your weak topics and subjects. Dr. Arindam’s expertise is very valuable and he guides you through the whole process. He helps us prepare in a smart way and tells us how to approach the questions logically. He is also available to clear our doubts. The mock and the debriefing sessions played an important role in this journey. After having cleared part 1, the next mammoth task was part 2. With no map or guide to tell you how to go about it, it’s like running blind on an uncharted path. Here again, EPIC(SATS Academy) helped me navigate through the preparation. Dr Arindam and team helped us, took our mocks, debrief, cleared our doubts and allayed our anxieties.. Their effort and support are vital for the preparation. I am very grateful to the team of EPIC for their help and guidance.. Thank you.
Dr Shweta Sankanur