Today we’re all affected by data and have an opinion on its usage. Data is much more than just bits and figures. It simplifies the working of our daily lives, ‘awareness’ being the key, improving performance.

SATS is a platform which imparts training and consultancy in both medical and paramedical fields, disseminating knowledge to both professionals in the healthcare services as well as non- professionals.

‘Data Interpretation made easy’(DIME) is one such course active now. Post- Doctoral trainees in critical care medicine, along with residents are rendered education regarding easy interpretation of data through graphics, imagery and existing cases as examples. This course involves an elaborate and intricate analysis of hematology, microbiology, drugs, imaging and other contents in critical and acute healthcare. Data simplification will be done through case-based discussion and interactive sessions, understanding the effective management of the patient better. In healthcare, ultimate goal is a constructive and successful relation between a healthcare provider and the patient.

Thus, healthcare as an extensive domain is comprised of a colossal of data which requires unraveling, making this course an important learning for all. Several events and seminars are also organized to make the process interesting, conducted by professionals. The soul purpose of data interpretation is to acquire valuable information in an intelligible manner to take informed decisions.

Course Objectives:-

This course is intended for the medical students and practitioner in the field of critical care to give them an elaborate idea on the interpretation of various forms of graphical, laboratory and radiology data generated in essential areas of critical care.

The course will encompass detail analysis of graphics, haematology, biochemistry, microbiology, drugs, imaging, fluids, infusions and equipment and instruments necessary in critical and acute care.

Course Info:-

Duration:-1 Day

Date:- TBA

Audience:-Residents, Post Graduate and Post-Doctoral Trainees