Upcoming Conferences

7th Annual National Conference of
Society of Neurocritical Care (SNCC) - 2024

The SNCC 2024 conference aims to provide a valuable platform for gaining in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of Neurocritical Care. 

1st International Conference of
Critical Care Nephrology Association (CCNA) - 2024

Previous Conferences

HISICON (Hospital Infection Society of India Conference)
Gearing up for Hospital Infection Control in the post-antibiotic era

Conference Highlights: This was a 3-day conference wherein HISICON Kolkata brought together hundreds of Infection Control Practitioners, Clinical Microbiologists, Clinicians, Nursing Staff and Medical Students from across the country to discuss important issues related to the current applications and future in Infection Control. It was addressed by the past chairman.  

The conference provided a platform for dissemination and sharing of updated knowledge amongst professionals interested in the study of Infection Control and Microbiology in the country. Many interesting topics and discussions were diligently carved and presented over the 3 days by esteemed National and International faculty. The program witnessed a footfall of about 2300 people.

EZCCCON (East Zone Critical Care Conference)
Critical Care @ 360 degree

Conference Highlights: This was a 3-day conference organized by ISCCM Kolkata. The goal of Critical Care was to raise awareness on issues faced by critical care professionals and foster a holistic collaboration among the critical care team to improve the quality of care for critically ill patients.

Scientific sessions were designed to emphasize on the importance of various forms of interactive sessions and meaningful discussions needed to be held for the critical care professionals. TED Talk, Debates, Panel Discussions, and Quizes were some of the attractions. The conference also featured intensive workshops in ECMO, USG & ECHO, Mechanical Ventilation, Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring, and so on. It was addressed by the past chairman.  

Best Practices in Intensive Care and Acute Medicine

Conference Highlights: A joint initiative of ISCCM & Apollo, the conference aimed to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation in intensive care and acute medicine. The way forward was by uniting experts and professionals from around the world in the pursuit of advancing the field of critical care.

Optimal nutrition to get healthy

Conference Highlights: This was a virtual conference conducted to create awareness about the different nutritional ways for protection of common people during corona pandemic. There was a special workshop on Kids Nutrition and a panel discussion on functional foods during the COVID-19. The webinar was presided over by 5 NUTRICON chairpersons and the joint members.

National & Internationl Programs

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