Terms And Conditions

Author’s Guidelines

  • Contact Details – Name, Address and Contact number along with Passport size coloured photo should be sent along with the article.
  • The article must be the Author’s original contribution.Consent for Publication :– The article should be sent to SATS Academy Pvt Ltd with a formal written permission from all the Authors concerned for the publication on its website.
  • The articles would go through the blind review procedure and are assessed on the following parameters
  • Relevance and Functionality of the article (from the perspective of Health Care Professionals)
  • Article Organization (structuring, sequencing, construction, flow.)
  • Depth of the explanation
  • Strength of the article to persuade the reader (idea /discussion/ articulation / argument)
  • Does the article say something thought provoking and is it new?
  • Does the article contribute to improve the quality parameters in health care practice?
  • Adequacy of reference, source acknowledgement and bibliography?

Copyright :-

Author’s Rights:-

  • to use the article in the Author’s teaching activities;
  • to publish the article, or permit its publication, as part of any book the Author may write;
  • to include the article in the Author’s own personal or departmental (but not institutional) database or online; and
  • to license reprints of the article to a third person for educational photocopying.
  • The Author also agrees to credit SATS Academy Private Limited as the original place of publication.
  • The Author hereby grants SATS Academy Private Limited non exclusive rights to the article along with all revisions, and complete copyright.

SATS Academy Pvt Ltd rights include but are not limited to the following:

  1. to reproduce, publish, sell, and distribute copies of the article, selections of the article, and translations and other derivative works based upon the article, in print, audio-visual, electronic, or by any and all media now or hereafter known or devised;
  2. to license reprints of the article to third person for educational photocopying;
  3. to license others to create abstracts of the article and to index the article;
  4. to license secondary publishers to reproduce the article in print, microform, or any computer-readable form, including electronic online database; and
  5. to license the article for document delivery.
    These exclusive rights run the full term of the copyright, and all renewals and extensions thereof.

The SATS Academy/the Editor of the SATS Academy has the sole discretion to
accept or reject an article for the publication on its website or to publish it with the required modification and editing with due notification of the concerned author, as it is considered significant.

The article shall be attached to a ‘Declaration’ given by the Author(s) as mentioned:

Author’s Declaration

  1. I, declare that I have read and understood the Author’s Guidelines.
  2. I declare that:
  3. The article is my original creation and portion of it, has been adopted from any other source.
  4. The article/ part of the article has already been published or will get published.
  5. This article is a non exclusive contribution for satsacademy.in/HCP Forum
  6. The copyright in respect of this article, if published in the website of SATS