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In this new age technologically advancing world, Quality has become an integral part of any sector. Quality is for all who want to establish themselves as a mark of excellence in their fields. Adopting the culture of Quality not only helps in improving the standard of care but also helps in developing a practice of doing the right things at the right time.
SATS is a one-stop platform for all those who are aspiring for Quality excellence mark. Quality services of SATS ensure that hospitals acquire the basic principles of standards in the most reasonable and efficient and convenient way.
With an accomplished team of doctors nurses and paramedical having expertise in various fields, SATS provides a complete solution to Quality understanding, its implementation and its long term continuation.
We focus on recent updates and revised guidelines, Acts/laws, follow a well-coordinated approach, pay full attention to the actual need of hospital /healthcare organisations and come up with tailored solutions for the unique needs and ensure that the standards applicable to such needs are implemented and maintained.
Many hospitals/healthcare organisations face difficulty in maintaining the standards considering ongoing attrition and joining of new staffs, administrative issues, and sometimes due to the dearth of efficient and skilled full-time staff. SATS with their team ensures that the standards are well-maintained post accreditation and the newer staffs are well trained on recent updates.

Services offered by SATS

1. Total Quality Management
2. Quality Advisory
3. Developing SOPs
4. Developing Forms and Formats
5. Developing checklists
6. Conducting Open file and Closed file Audits
7. Conducting regular Internal Audits
8. Clinical Audits
9. Identifying Error and its Root Cause Analysis
10. Training of Staff
11. Preparing for Assessments
12. Conducting Self Assessments
13. Closures of observations post Assessment
14. Periodic follow-ups.

SATS has prepared different Modules for the convenience of Hospitals / Healthcare Organisations. The Modules postulated shall be implemented by the Hospital/healthcare Organisation. However, guidelines, policy & framework is provided by SATS on a continuous basis till closure.

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