Learn CPR: Save a life

Are you aware of the emergency response if your child suffers a cardiac arrest? An immediate response would be to contact the nearby emergency response services. However, before medical professionals arrive, immediately performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) will significantly increase the chances of survival. 

Various studies in Healthcare have mentioned the effectiveness of CPR in children and Infants who suffer from a non-traumatic heart attack due to drowning, choking, electrocution or due to any structural cardiac abnormalities.

When someone goes through an out-of-hospital heart attack, the survival rate is highly dependent on the quality of the prompt CPR from a bystander. However, as per the American Heart Association (AHA), lesser than 33% of victims receive the help they need as most of the bystanders are either inexperienced or afraid of committing mistakes.

CPR is a life-saving procedure that helps maintain blood flow to the brain and heart and can buy some time until the response team arrives with more advanced care. 

Training Process

The American Red Cross recommends hands-only CPR for inexperienced CPR provider, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Hands-only CPR can substantially increase an individual’s chance of survival, if provided within four to six minutes of collapse. 

Even though hands-only CPR can be as effective as conventional CPR, the AHA still suggests taking an instructor-based course to learn and practice the CPR procedure. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, as mentioned in CPR courses, can be more useful for both infants and children, drowning victims, and anyone who has fallen unconscious due to cardiac problems.

Remember, the first job to do in an emergency is to call emergency response team or nearby hospital(call 102) for help. Nevertheless, to increase the chances of doing your part to save a life, get certified in basic CPR. 


What is the role of SATS Academy?

SATS ACADEMY being an International Training Centre for American Heart Association has been imparting a critical role in training thousands of healthcare providers and emergency respondents on skills in BLS, ACLS and PALS.

It makes us proud when our client can execute the methods to save a life. It empowers our community to act confidently in the Life-threatening situation.

Why train with SATS Academy?

With our dynamic group of Instructors, the innovative teaching-learning opportunities with hands-on skill stations will give you a unique combination of knowledge and skill development. You will be enabled to train yourself individually or as a team from your organization and become confident in the skills that can save a life and make the difference.