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  • Accreditation is a process of review by trained external peers that allows the hospitals or any healthcare organisation to assess their level of performance against set National/International standards.
  • Accreditation of any form is a certificate of excellence and Quality. It is an acknowledgement of a person’s responsibility or achievement of high standards. All hospitals/ healthcare providers strive for some or the other form of accreditation within their scope of services.
  • SATS helps all aspiring healthcare organisation in achieving their certificate of excellence as it is a one-stop platform for all trainings, simulation-based teachings and a reliable source of getting your knowledge updated on recent advances in the medical field.
  • Not all hospitals or healthcare organisations can opt for full accreditation, considering their scope, financial constraints and other managerial aspects.SATS ensures that there are Grading/Certification/Standardisation or Rating Programmes where a hospital/healthcare organisation can demonstrate their dedication and commitment to meeting standards and that is in turn reflected in a higher level of performance and patient care.
  • These Certifications/ Gradings or Ratings would also be Internationally/Nationally approved, and the impact is the same as that of full accreditation.
  • Achieving any form of accreditation/grading/ certification/standardisation requires a high level of training, commitment and approval for the set standards even though all the standards are usually set by the internationally / nationally approved regulatory bodies to which most of the healthcare organisations accede. It is a benchmark of excellence and also a known fact that it improves the level of care and clinical outcomes of a broad spectrum of diseases.
  • SATS strives to fulfil its mission of enhancing competency through skill development by conducting high standard training and certificate courses in collaboration with government/regulatory bodies and international/national societies an aims to train the hospital about the standards and the critical concepts of implementation.
  • SATS collaborates and partners with other institutions and government /regulatory bodies and notify the associated healthcare organisations about the recent advances or revision of standards and help them keep up the pace with modern healthcare of international standards even after the achievement of the accreditation.
  • SATS also serves as communication hub or information centres for all healthcare organisations, allied medical services, nursing services and other institutions or associations for knowledge sharing through workshops and CME on accreditation and the different ways of implementation.
  • SATS believes that the ultimate goal of any Accreditation or any other form of Certifications remains the same that is to strengthen any hospital/healthcare organisation and prove that it provides high-quality patient care.

Services offered by SATS are:

  • Consultation for kind of Accreditation/ Certification/Grading an organisation can go for considering their scope and other aspects.
    Preparation for the above mentioned.
  • Preparing forms/ formats and SOP(Standard Operating Procedures) as per requirement
  • Training of Staff- Improving their knowledge, steering their altitude and eventually facilitate in bringing change in their behaviour towards the quality initiative.
  • Self-Assessment
  • Closure of Observations
  • Upgradation and Maintenance of the standards for future audits.
  • Green OT
  • Green Critical care
  • Green Pharmacy

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